Big Sur Boogielight

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The Big Sur Boogielight is a favorite for both locals and tourists. This micro-light's claim to fame is that it is amazingly bright. Put it on your key ring and never be in the dark. Our Boogielights have made their way into the the pool, and occasionally one will accidentally go through a wash cycle when left in a pants pocket. They just keep working. The batteries are replaceable (two button cells) so this flashlight can last for years.

From the employee who brought us the Boogielight, aka the Boogieman:
I've always had a thing for flashlights. My first memory of a flashlight is at the age of 5 when my parents entrusted me with the family flashlight while on vacation. We arrived at the vacation cabin after dark and needed the light to illuminate the keyhole of the lock on the front door. Unfortunately by the time we had walked from the car to the front door I had completely dissembled the flashlight and was trying, unsuccessfully, to put it back together again.

When I moved to Big Sur 15 years ago LED flashlights were just coming into vogue. I must have bought dozens of various models to find the best one. At the end of the day I abandoned all the larger flashlights in lieu of this astonishingly bright light that fits on a key chain. Unlike other micro-lights that have a momentary switch, this flashlight stays on when you push the button. Since you can replace the batteries it's just about the perfect flashlight. Always there when you need it. So we ordered a batch of the lights for our giftshop with a custom label, and thus was born the Big Sur Boogielight.

So many people have told us a Boogielight story not long after they buy one. The stories always have to do with being somewhere in some situation where the need for a flashlight arises. And Voilà, there was a Boogielight an arm lengths away. Please do email us with your Boogielight anecdote. -jim